What do you offer?

High quality custom garage construction at an affordable. We keep our eyes open for new innovations in building materials and incorporate them into our construction as standard options (for which other companies don’t include or charge extra). Our standard 6” eave overhangs or 12″ boxed eaves prevent water from running down the siding. We adhere to local building codes, ensuring that our buildings will meet or exceed local requirements.

What do I get for your services?

Our work crew is composed of experienced carpenters who who take pride in their work, building stick built garages with the same standards that you would expect in a house. We have the ability to customize many of our professionally designed and engineered turn-key garage plans to meet your specific needs. We will take care of your concrete slab, and can complete your garage to any degree you like, from unfinished shell, to fully finished, with walls, electrical, plumbing, etc.

What will it take to get financed?

We want to help you find the best financing option for your needs. With our selection of payment options, we can help you get the garage you want today. With On-line Funding, you apply directly through the link below. They will negotiate with you, and funding is deposited directly to you, and then you are responsible for the balance on your building. With multiple financing and payment options, you can find an easy solution based on your credit needs. They have options for excellent, good, fair, and even poor credit. With excellent credit, you will receive competitive rates. If you have poor credit, you can use this program to re-establish your credit rating. Interest free loans are available through their Credit card options with programs of 0% for 21 months.

Can I make changes to a garage plan?

All of our buildings are custom designed. We have a designer who will work with you to make your building uniquely fit your needs and style. We offer many options and unlimited designs. We will assist you with building permits and HOA requirements.

The big question how much does your services cost?

Pricing varies and is dependent on the garage plan and any special customization a customer makes to garage plan. have financing available. This gives our customers more for their money.