Detached Garage Ideas and Costs

detached garage ideas

Modern Detached Garage Styles

Building contractors can construct just about any type of detached garage structure that you can think of. They have garage floor plans that can be used to customize to customers needs. Some of the most astonishing detached garage spaces are those that resemble small homes. Believe it or not, some building contractors construct modern detached garage units with split levels, roof tops and multiple stories with lots of room (1 car, 2 car, 3 car garages, single story, story and half and 2 story).

Modern detached garage units can have car ports attached to the side of their structure. They can have multiple bays for multiple vehicles, sophisticated repair spaces can be included within the plans and storage rooms can also be implemented as well. A few detached garages even have an elevator unit built into their design.

Remember that a lot of homeowners use their garage spaces for collecting their goods. Some modern garage builders can even construct detached garage structures with enough space to park vehicles and with enough room to store various household items. A modern contractor can complete just about any type of detached garage ideas that you might have for your home.

How will a building contractor construct a detached garage space?

No two building contractors will do things exactly the same way but they will usually perform the same processes for building any structure. First, they will make sure that the type of detached garage plans that you desire to be built can be constructed onto your property. They will check with local laws and neighborhood organizations to ensure that the job you want can be done. They will make alternate recommendations for projects that you cannot complete because of zoning or housing code reasons.

Once a project has a green light, the company will begin the construction phase. They will lay a foundation, build a frame, include the electrical and plumbing systems and then start adding the walls. The next step is to include the ceiling and then add in the windows and doors. This is an oversimplified explanation of the building process for detached garages but this is generally what takes place.

Some companies already have detached garage units prefabricated and they can simply transport them to a person’s property. Keep in mind that detached garage spaces typically need an extended driveway or a small road leading to the structure. A building contractor could build new roads and driveways or they can simply tell you to get this job done by a paving company. The building process for most attached garage units takes between 2 and 5 days to complete. However, more complex jobs can take up to 2 weeks to a month to finish.

What is the price of a standard attached garage?

When it comes to building any type of structure, price is the ultimate consideration. Remember, you get what you pay for; this old saying is also true for building detached garages. The average cost of a garage is between $20,000 and 50,000.  Did you know that you can have an attractive garage at a low monthly cost with Cardinal Buildings’ Financing Suite

A detached garage cost will also be increased or decreased according to location where the unit is being built, materials that will be used for the project and the complexity of the design being used to construct the unit.

You will also have to figure in labor cost, hidden expenses and cost for wiring, plumbing and including updated technology into the unit. Permit cost should also be included. Keep in mind that some contractors will naturally charge more than others. If you plan on having a complex detached garage unit built onto your property, you might want to pay more for a more experienced builder.

If you decide you need a simple detached garage area, then a regular building contracting company will do. Most building contractors will give you an estimate and pricing info for a detached garage before they start a project.

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